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Cool Runnings Homeschool Track Team

To our Cool Runnings Homeschool family,

The Cool Runnings Homeschool Track and Cross Country team has been running strong for almost 15 years. It has been a terrific place for homeschoolers to meet up to run, train, and compete. Many local homeschoolers have benefited from the training they received from Coach Art and Cool Runnings.

This year, however, brings some changes to our team. Kelly MacDonald, Coach Artís assistant for the last several years, has taken a full time position at Abilene Christian Schools and will no longer be serving as the team's manager/assistant coach. Also, AISD is now allowing homeschool students to compete on AISD sports teams. Most of our high school students have chosen to go this route this year. Because of these changes, Coach Art has decided to redo how he is training students. There will no longer be a set group meeting time to run at ACU. If your student still wants to train with Coach Art, he will offer private training times at a time that will work for both him and your student. If a few students want to group together for those training times, Coach will work with you on that. Please contact Coach through email or text to discuss what will work best for both of you.

Thank you for helping the Cool Runnings team be such a great place for our students these many years. While it will look different this year, we hope your students continue to run and train their bodies. We pray everyoneís school year goes wonderfully! 

Coach Art and Kelly MacDonald 

Coach Artís email: axs00c@acu.edu 
Coach Artís cell: 325-280-1673

Our club is coached by two-time NCAA Division II Champion,

Arthemon Sindayigaya, Coach of Abilene's Cool Runnings Track Team.


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2010 State Homeschool Track Meet


A few photos from Practice:

Our group participated in the First Texas Homeschool Track and Field Championships in Temple Texas on April 25th 2009.

Martha Coates, Catherine Swedlund, Grace Hill and Hailey Hill won the Girls 12 and under 4x400m relay! Setting the state homeschool record for this event! 

Troy MacDonald, Trent MacDonald, Timothy Coates, and Nathan Swedlund won a medal in the boys 12 and under 4x400m relay!

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