About Us

The Cool Runnings Track and Field Club was created in 2005 to train young people in the fundamentals of track and field.  Arthemon believes that training the young people early will help them achieve success as they grow.  Arthemon's goal is for the athlete to be able to enter college with a track scholarship.

His dream is to train young athletes who will learn to love track and field as they grow to become great athletes in their future.  Some athletes will begin and then stop.  They will come and they will go.  Arthemon wants to train athletes who are truly interested in putting forth their best who will represent the club well.  Even though he has athletes that will only come for a summer program or just for the fall program, what he really wants is to have athletes who will be a committed to training year round.


We try to attend whatever track meets we possibly can to encourage and support our athletes.  When Coach Arthemon attends the track or cross country meet, he is there to warm up with his athletes, he encourages them as they run and is there (if possible) at the finish line and makes sure they have a drink after they have completed their race.


The majority of our athletes are in middle and high school.  However, we do have several who are younger than middle school age.  Currently, we have a young lady in 10th grade who came in 15th in State in the 2007 Cross Country Season for her school.  We also have two, 7th grade young men who both achieved District Champion in their respective districts in the 2007 Cross Country Season.  Several others have come in first place in their age groups at various track and cross country meets as they continue to train with Coach Art they will continue to improve.


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