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The fee for training is:

         $50 per month for the 1st child in the family;

         $60 per month for 2 children in the same family;

         $75 per month for 3 or more children in the same family. 

With this you will get at least 3 days of superior training.  Coach Arthemon will also give you tips on what to do, when to warm up and what to eat prior to each track or cross country meet.

If you plan to compete in track and/or cross country meets with Coach Arthemon and Cool Runnings, there will also be a charge for the uniform.

Track and Cross Country Meets usually cost about $10 and down per athlete.  There might be some that will have a small fee ($5 or $6) per event the athlete competes in.

You will also want a good pair of running shoes.  Coach Arthemon will be able to help you find the right shoes for you.



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