We welcome all athletes from the ages of 5 years old through senior in high school who are serious about learning how to improve their run and how to learn to love to run.

How can you join our team/family:
  Simply go to the Register Forms and print the Waiver Form and fill it out. Bring it to practice and give it to one of the coaches.  Feel free to try it out for a week.  If you like it, go back to Register Forms on the website and print the Registration Form, fill it out and bring to practice and give to one of the coaches along with your training fee (see below for costs).

Emails:  If you are not getting my emails and should be, check your spam folder to see if it went to spam.  Mark my email address (colleen@coolrunningstrack.com) as a good email address.  I know that those who have Yahoo email addresses, their emails have been bouncing back to me.  I am sorry.

Practice Times

Coach Art will be conducting private practice sessions.  To find out times for practices, contact Coach Art at (325)280-1673.


   Be sure to watch the website or your email for any practice cancellations or changes.

Cost:  Cost will be set by Coach Art for private coaching.

If you have any feedback on how we can make our new website better please do contact us and we would like to hear from you.
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